About Us
Welcome to the home of the Castle Action Shooters League (CASL).
We are group of friends and neighbors who believe in exercising our rights as Citizens to keep and bear arms, as well as having a little fun along the way. We are a 3 Gun Nation and NRA affiliated club. Matches are varied in focus: handgun only, Three Gun, Steel Challenge, and instructional.

The group believes in having fun, and that the shooting sports are a family activity. We encourage participation of men, women, and youth at every match. All skill levels are welcome. 
Matches are held the second Saturday of the month at the North Springs Shooting Range, in beautiful Carbon County Utah. We will typically meet at the Castle Gate Town section of the range at 0930 for registration and walk through, then shooting begins at 1000.
Additionally, we hold the annual North Spings Zombie Outbreak in September. This is a 3 day, primarily 3 gun match, where we gather up into squads to protect our world from the rise of the living dead.

Please see the Gallery and Video sections for a visual record of our past adventures. 
If you have questions or would like to be added to our email list, please contact us under the CONTACT tab above.